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Security Audit Services

"More than one in three Belgian companies has fallen victim to economic fraud during the past year. And ever more frequently, the perpetrators are using the Internet to ply their trade. From out of nowhere, computer crime has become one of the top three fraud techniques, says the Global Economic Crime Survey of consulting firm PwC."         
Source: Datanews 

P&J Benedict Security

P&J Benedict Security protects organizations from Internet threats such as hackers and malware. After all, things like installing a new (Internet) application, making injudicious changes to the settings of essential security components or the absence of such components altogether can fundamentally jeopardize your organization.

P&J Benedict Security specializes in mapping potential risks and threats to websites and network infrastructures for large companies, SMEs and governmental institutions.

To this end, P&J Benedict Security has assembled a strong team of specialists that consists of a mix of application security experts and network security experts. This combination enables P&J Benedict Security to approach every project focusing on the client's specific needs using a proprietary vendor- and technology-independent methodology.

What can P&J Benedict Security do for you?

Needless to say, you should be able to trust your Internet security and those you have hired to protect it. Without monitoring, however, you really can't be certain. Are you willing to take risks in this area? As a neutral third-party expert, P&J Benedict Security provides a definite answer to the question: "How good is our Internet security?". We check to see where corrections are called for, provide optimal protection and make certain that the services provided net the intended result..

Quick Scan

We start by performing a so-called Quick Scan, i.e. a Health Check of your company's Internet security. For a reasonable fee, P&J Benedict Security will perform a range of tests to get an initial impression of the security of your applications and network.

Black Box Penetration Test

If we suspect threats or note insufficient protection, P&J Benedict Security will recommend performing an in-depth Black Box Penetration Test. During this test, all accessible applications are checked for vulnerabilities, including the OWASP Top 10. The methodology P&J Benedict Security uses here is based on the many years' experience in manual testing of web applications that our team brings to the table. We will subject your infrastructure to a vulnerability assessment using QualysGuard Consultancy Edition so as to detect any vulnerabilities in your network. For every vulnerability, a report is prepared including a clear description of the issue. Its impact and criticality are assessed and an action plan is proposed for addressing the problem, including clear guidelines for those involved.

Consulting services

P&J Benedict Security also provides vendor- and technology-neutral consulting services to companies on a wide range of security topics, including:

  • Formulating a security policy
  • Tailor-made Internet security training
  • Finding the right security architecture and solutions

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